Rented a washer and dryer from Azuma for 6 months and in that time they increased my rent twice which was allowed per the contract but they did not notify me before the increase, they also changed the due date several times and sent late payment notices due to rent increase they had not notified me of and an error in due date which they corrected. Their original rental price was the cheapest but within 6 months I was up to the other referral I had plus you have to pay for a pickup of the equipment.

So if you do not mind continuous communications on your bill and not a constant rental price or due date, this is the company for you, otherwise I would seek someplace else to rent a washer and dryer.

Also as a not the equipment from Azuma was old, had been painted and the dryer extra 20 minutes to dry cloths based the dryer supplied by the replacement rental company.

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Dear Human Being,

I would like to invite you to call me directly regarding your comments posted here and your AZUMA Leasing experience. I would like the ability to work with you directly to resolve any issues and show you first hand our customer service commitment. At your convenience, please contact me at 800-355-5688 or if you prefer e-mail me directly with your contact information.

I look forward to working with you.


Janet Richardson

Senior Customer Relations Manager



Dear Ms. Richardson:

"Here at AZUMA Leasing we put customer’s first and pride ourselves on providing only the highest level of customer service. "

Do you really believe that? Instead of giving stock answers to serious complaints (and based on my Azuma experience, these complaints aren't surprising), perhaps you should focus on fixing what is wrong within your company that causes these people to complain. Unless, of course, Azuma knows exactly what it is doing and just doesn't care.


To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the recent posting. We appreciate the opportunity your notification has provided us to assist you with the above referenced issues. I apologize for the general nature of our responses and welcome the opportunity for you to call us directly, so we can look up your account in more detail.

AZUMA Leasing’s offers a set price for equipment rental costs during the length of lease term. Each customer has a due date and rental pricing that never changes during the length of the lease term. If a payment is not received on or before it’s due date we even grant a grace period of five days.

All of the appliances that we deliver here at AZUMA Leasing are in clean, working condition. Should an appliance have any sort of malfunction then service on the machine is 100% covered by AZUMA so long as it is not due to user error or abuse of the appliance by the customer. Normal wear and tear of the appliances is never the responsibility of the customer.

Here at AZUMA Leasing we put customer’s first and pride ourselves on providing only the highest level of customer service. We greatly appreciate this customer’s business and I welcome them to contact me directly at 800-355-5688, so I may specifically address these concerns regarding their account.


Janet Richardson

Senior Customer Relations Manager

800-355-5688 work

309-404-6950 fax


2905 San Gabriel, Ste. 218

Austin, TX 78705


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