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I was a driver from azuma that worked my *** off and they paid me 5$ the hour and I only asked for a raise and they fired me!! They don't care about the employees, and mostly don't care about the customers!

For someone that worked there my opinion is don't lease from Azuma Appliance. The only one I miss is Rocky Derosas because David didn't have the balls to come fire me and say it to my face!!!

AZUMA SUCKS...AZUMA SUCKS...they will haunt you for your money. Don't lease from them.

I used to work for them in Phoenix. All they want to do is JACK your money!!!!

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J.C. I will agree with you on been over worked, under paid and lack of support.

For been a one man market I feel your frustration when in fact should be a two man market!

But that would explain why we have such a high rate in drivers as we do TM's getting fired or quitting. The guy that replaced you couldn't handle your market, he gone too!

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